Our main products: SBS-PVC-TPO-PE/PP waterproof rolls & packaging materials including reinforcement coating paper for formwork, VCI film, VCI paper and stretch film.
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QingDao Excellence Materials Technology Co. Ltd
QingDao Excellence Materials Technology Co. Ltd
QingDao Excellence Materials Technology Co. Ltd Located in the beautiful city of Qingdao, Shandong Province, China which is only 40 KM to Qingdao Port, so it’s very convenient to export our products to any place in the world. We have two cooperative manufacturing plants, one is in Qingdao and the other one is in Henan. We mainly focus on providing excellent products and professional service for customers in architecture and metallurgy industry including coating paper for building formwork & synthetic Roof underlayment & packaging & VCI paper、VCI film & stretch film、 SBS/TPO/PVC/ roofing system . In China, We have a strong technical strength and construction team and participated in many important projects including Beijing's bird's nest、Guangzhou Baiyun airport、Zhengzhou Underground Parking Park、Kunming Natatorium 、Waterproof cold storage in Qingdao ,etc. And our sales amount is more than 0.5 billion RMB in 2020. Our production capacity is about 61 million square meters SBS roofing Rolls 、20 million square meters synthetic Roof underlayment & 0.2 million MTs coating papers and films. From 2021,we start to expand overseas markets and look forward to finding the powerful agents and grow up together. Our goal is always providing excellent products to all the world and make the world better.